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Antibiotics in Dentistry

How antibiotics are used in dentistry?

Oral Surgery Extractions

Studies show that antibiotic treatment in association with having impacted third molars removed has concluded that there are several benefits:

  1. Patients experience lower incidence of post-surgical infections

  2. Decrease likelihood of developing ‘dry socket’

  3. Less pain

  4. Less swelling

It should be noted that only about 5% of patients that have had third molars removed will develop post-operative infection. As a result, it is recommended that antibiotics not be prescribed following routine extraction of impacted third molars unless:

  1. The extraction was exceptionally difficult

  2. Patient has an underlying health problem compromising the patient’s ability to resist infection

  3. The extraction area is acutely infected

  4. Other extenuating circumstances.

Read more: https://www.zakdental.com/antibiotics-indication-dentistry/

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