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Sea Breeze Dental Care is serving the Santa Barbara community since 1998

Dr. Zak Santa Barbara Team

If you are looking for an excellent, comprehensive and affordable dental care in the Santa Barbara area, we welcome you to our practice. At Sea Breeze Dental Care, our experienced and caring dental staff work together to provide you with the most state-of-the art dental care available. We also believe that good dental health starts with patient education and preventative care. Our goal is to educate and help each patient achieve and then maintain optimal dental health for life.


Meet Our Team

Dr. Zak Santa Barbara Team

Dr. Boris Zak, DDS

Dr. Boris Zak, DDSBoris Zak graduated from Moscow Institute of Stomatology in 1965 and practiced as a prosthodontist in Moscow for over 10 years. In the late 1970's he began practicing dentistry in the United States. He fulfilled his dream of opening a family practice with his son in 1994 when they opened the first office in Simi Valley. In his 47 years of practicing dentistry, Dr. Boris Zak always believed that everyone deserves quality dental care, and is committed to make dentistry more affordable to his patients.

Dr. Ilya Zak, DDS

Dr. Ilya Zak, DDSDr. Ilya Zak attended USC Dental School, graduating in 1990. He was one of only eight unique students to complete the ADAPT program, an accelerated 6-year dental program that allows one to complete both undergraduate and graduate requirements. After graduation, he completed TMJ/Pain Management residency at White Memorial Hospital and became a qualified medical examiner for TMJ dysfunction in California. He is also a part-time clinical instructor at his alma mater, USC Dental School, and he practices in Simi Valley, Valencia, Santa Barbara, and Long Beach since 1994.  Dr. Zak ensures that the dental care that is provided at Zak Dental offices is wholistic, comprehensive, and enhances patients’ overall wellness.

Ignacio Robles, Office Manager

Ignacio Robles, Office ManagerMy name is Ignacio Robles III, and I am the office manager for Dr. Zak Dental Care and Orthodontics in Santa Barbara. Originally from Orange County, I have worked in the dental field for almost 20 years. Having served 5 years in the United States Marine Corps, I have traveled to many different parts of the world. I decided to get back into dentistry after completing two years of college in Long Beach, CA. I started as a sterilization technician at the age of 17; from the very first day, I have always enjoyed working in the dental field. I’ve been in the dental office almost my entire life! My mother also worked in dentistry and brought me for regular visits to her office as a child. Being around dentistry became second nature, so it only made sense that I pursue this as a career. I have a family of 12, including my two boys, my daughter, five stepdaughters and three grand kids. I enjoy long walks at the beach and practicing my military training casually at the shooting range. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping with all your dental needs at the Santa Barbara office!

Dr. Kristen Miller, Orthodontist

Dr. Kristen Miller, OrthodontistDr. Kristen Miller is graduated from UCLA with general dental education and UCSF with her orthodontist training. She graduated the class as top 5% students. She  was also the Vice President of her dental school class. Dr. Miller participated in the UCSF mobile clinic. She is fluent in Spanish.

Dr. Peri, Oral Surgeon

Dr. Peri, Oral Surgeon

Dr. Taoheed Johnson, Endodontist

Dr. Taoheed Johnson, Endodontist

Dr. Schaeffer, DDS, General Dentist

Dr. Schaeffer, DDS, General Dentist

Dr. Sarah Aylard, DDS, General Dentist / Wellness Doctor

Dr. Sarah Aylard, DDS, General Dentist / Wellness DoctorI have been in healthcare my entire adult life. I worked my way through college and dental school as an LVN. It was through this experience that I learned the connection between oral health and overall health. It was at that point I decided to transition from medicine to Dentistry. I had always enjoyed working with my hands, fine detailed activities like sewing and emobroidery. Dentistry was therefore a natural choice to fulfill my OCD tendencies!

During my 34 career, I have become an Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a Diplomate in the American Board of Orofacial Pain, and Fellow of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain. Aside from creating beautiful, healthy smiles for my patients and relieving painful conditions, the best part of being a dentist is the relationships that I formed with my patients.

My husband Steve, a pediatric dentist, and I spent 29 years in Napa, CA where we had a joint dental practice. Our 2 adult children were born and raised there. Being a native of southern California, it was always a dream to return south and live by the beach again. My extended family have been in Santa Barbara for over 40 years, so we have spent a lot of time here and knew that it was the right place for us! We have lived here for 2 years now. While Steve is a soccer fanatic, I enjoy running, surfing, hiking and now yoga!

The Zak Dental 360 Degree Quality Control Method:

We don’t just talk the talk…We walk the walk when it comes to Quality Assurance!!!

1.We have a Wellness Doctor on staff at every one of our locations. The sole purpose of this Doctor is to understand your unique oral health needs, objectives, and budget. Once your Wellness Doctor understands your needs, he creates a customized treatment plan that is unique to you. Based on the treatments needed, the Wellness Doctor will build a clinical team consisting of a hygienist, treating dentist, and possible specialists to execute the agreed upon family dental plans.
2.There is always more than one provider working on your treatment plan to confirm the accuracy of your diagnosis.
3.We practice a team-based approach to dental care because dental care requires a vast array of skills and abilities. In nearly thirty years of practice, Dr. Zak has never met a true “Master of All Trades” dentist. That is why we have paired up with a team of specialists that include: periodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists to support our general team and step in for more complex procedures.
4.We have a 360-degree quality control protocol in place where at the end of your treatment your Wellness Doctor steps back in to check the quality of the completed work.